Intelligent Business Management Systems

The VulcanIQ and SentinelIQ™ suite enables businesses to apply the Mercury Applications philosophy of Empowering with intelligence, to achieve joined-up management across an organisation. Our flexible framework combines database, operations and management information reporting tools to support the development of superior insight and informed decision making, based on real-time operational information, behavioural analysis and intelligent forecasting.

Fast - user friendly - business led

In today’s business environment, agility matters.  We can quickly adapt our framework to build solutions that integrate with your existing systems.  Delivery is phased to support early benefit realisation, with priority requirements taking precedent and a focus on delivering a rapid return on investment.  In line with Industry 4.0 best practice, VulcanIQ supports automated data manipulation, AI decision support and report generation to streamline activity and increase productivity, thus releasing users from data gathering to taking action based on informed decisions.

Streamlined Operations


Capture and manage client requirements

Capture inputs from all client types through all key input channels from front line operator to input from third party systems.


Accurate, automated data entry

Data is processed, verified and input in line with defined client specific workflows and data entry protocols.


Seamless integration

Our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with other best in class business critical operational and analytic applications, with all data maintained on secure servers.

In the case of highly complex process environments full automation may not be possible. Here the system provides rapid prototyping capabilities and intelligent user input assistance, to guide users through the final stages of manual input and validation, this is a key capability where human decisions or sanction is needed. In all cases decisions are recorded for later analysis to support machine learning and improved user assistance in the future.

VulcanIQ™ Intelligent Business Management Systems create agile high performing organisations.

VulcanIQ™ utilises secure, best in class technology platforms and toolkits.