Here to achieve Intelligence - Driven Performance Improvement

Our mission is to enable businesses to improve their performance and competitive advantage through the intelligent use of data and information across key business process lifecycles.  We are driven by a fundamental desire to improve business efficiency and reduce waste for a better tomorrow.


Execution is everything

Positive change is rarely achieved in one heroic leap.  The businesses that make the most rapid progress often do so one quick step at a time, building their understanding as they make progress.  Our team expertise, combined with our ability to rapidly deploy our fully supported VulcanIQ system, enables our clients to benefit from a rapid return on investment while creating a truly intelligent information led performance culture. The more a business understands, the more informed are its decisions and the faster performance improves.  Our partnership approach ensures our clients are equipped with the advanced systems, processes and people to achieve intelligence led operations for greater performance and ongoing success.

Meet the Founders

Our desire is to harness the power of data and information within businesses to drive forward performance, efficiency and profitability.

Edward Jones

From launching a web-hosting service to budding entrepreneurs in the dot-com boom, to his work in Financial Services, Edward has driven forward innovative systems design. His solutions have enabled blue-chip UK institutions governed by complex regulatory environments to advance their performance. This has been achieved though the provision of intelligence based processing which in turn has engaged and empowered users. Key to this success has been appreciation of what it takes to bring together complex and often imperfect data sets to automate decision processes and optimise performance across sectors as diverse as utilities, telecommunications and government departments.

Marcus Mackay

Early in his career Marcus worked on a number of pioneering IT projects and saw first hand the power of innovative information technology to achieve a step-change in performance. Systems like Kurzweil’s pioneering Optical Character Recognition devices, as used to build Equifax’s credit referencing systems, made a lasting impression, a technology that delivered massive productivity gains while eliminating drudgery. Later work on strategic planning and database projects helped form his view that effective information systems are at the heart of being able to make faster, more informed decisions and beat the competition. With experience spanning sectors as diverse as Financial Services, Renewable Energy and Nuclear Clean-Up, Marcus brings new thinking and a proven ability to drive forward business process innovation and performance.