Intelligent CO2 & environmental impact monitoring

The need to monitor and manage down CO2 emissions is now an organisational imperative. Society, Shareholders and Financiers demand to see that credible action is being taken to reduce environmental impact and move towards sustainable, profitable business models.

Speed matters, good carbon reduction strategies need to be turned into tangible results.  Securing quick wins in the fight to reduce CO2 is the best way to prove that tangible change can happen and evidence that the journey towards Net Zero has truly begun.


Reporting emissions across product manufacture and service delivery lifecycles delivering a holistic view of an organisation’s emissions performance.


From identifying incremental gains to delivering step-change transformation, understanding emissions opens the door to wider performance improvement.


Calculating emission in line with international protocols and using industry specific conversion factors in line with ISO14001 best practice.

Monitoring and managing carbon reduction

Unlocking the opportunities for savings

So how do we make a difference? How do we find the new ways of working?

We explore, we discover, we become more informed. We turn data on operations, processes and products into a representation of an organisations’ financial and carbon cost. Carbon Accounting provides the basis for informed decision making with GAIA-IQ’s reporting suites and real-time monitoring inform and empower management teams to effect positive change.

Waste doesn’t just destroy the planet, it erodes profit. Implementing GAIA-IQ allows organisations to seek both inefficiencies and the drivers of CO2 emissions with equal vigour.

Organisation emissions overview

Innovative Implementation driving beneficial change

GAIA-IQ is designed to achieve a rapid return on investment through phased implementation providing organisations with firm evidence of CO2 emissions reduction within months of deployment.

Initial pathfinder implementations of the system serve to understand and optimise performance in specific operational areas. As the implementation is broadened using an Agile systems deployment rollout, a holistic view of an organisation’s efficiency and CO2 drivers emerges, and the programme will move from a focus on incremental improvements to completing the CO2 map and using GAIA-IQ’s AI functionality to identify opportunities for more radical step change improvement.

GAIA IQ - in brief