Analytics & Modelling

Progress through understanding

Mercury Applications Analytics and Modelling capabilities underpin our ability to help our clients streamline their operations and drive forward performance.

Data modelling is applied to understand operational delivery and value chains in order to improve quality, safety and increase productivity. Deep dive analysis supports complex problem resolution and the identification of the critical correlations required to resolve performance issues or reveal opportunities for improvements and efficiency gains.

The team is also engaged on the development of algorithms within VulcanIQ to support systems learning, AI and automated decision making.  A critical aspect of the team’s skill set is the ability to manage complex and often imperfect data sets in order to develop workable solutions, sometimes with exception management protocols, recognising that machine intelligence isn’t always the answer.

Commercial Insight

Understanding Performance, Cost Allocation and Profitability

Intelligent planning & modelling

Dynamic modelling and in system scenario planning for optimised performance and agility

Operations analytics

Live tracking and out of tolerance alerts.

Quality & reliability analytics

Trend analysis and compliance analytics to identify non conformance and drive consistent delivery